Farmers Market Saturday

This morning is the official start of my birthday weekend. It was a beautiful day at the farmers market, summer in full swing. I ran 6.5 miles before I arrived today, and the weather was perfect.

I bought my first tomatoes of the season this morning -- I couldn't help it. I didn't actually buy very much this week because I have so many veggies from my CSA, Eatwell Farm, already sitting in my fridge. I purchased a basket of cherry tomatoes, some whole wheat bucatini, and a huge head of red butter lettuce, which I can't wait to make into a giant salad. I really love giant, simple salads (ie, just lettuce and a homemade vinaigrette, with tons of pepper).

Here are some shots from today's market:


The rest of the day has been pretty darn great. We went to our neighborhood favorite, Dragoneats, for lunch (mmm, spring rolls) and then to see The Book of Mormon, which I LOVED. It was everything I'd hoped it would be, and then some. Now we're inside, at home, and I just want to relaaaaaaaax.


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