A Weekend

Happy solstice! This has been a great weekend. I've spent relatively little of it sitting around at home, which is usually a good thing (definitely in this case). I have a lot of blog posts running around in my head, but for now, I really just want to revel in this lovely weekend, the first of summer.

(You may have heard: I love summer)

Yes, everyone knows this. Ha.


The weekend really began on Friday evening (thank goodness for Friday, I needed it so badly this week, my work life continues to be a real drag). I was suffering from some back pain I'd gotten Thursday night while working on my puzzle (seriously) so I went to yoga, last minute:

It was really great. After a shoot (with my new camera, an amazing birthday gift I received from G -- more on that later if/when I ever get a birthday post up) later in the evening, I returned home around 10pm, completely exhausted and in desperate need of El Farolito's giant burritos:

Yes. I ate basically the entire thing. It was amazing. I love you, vegetarian burrito.

On Saturday, I got up and decided to take a different running route than usual. I really need to mix it up sometimes, and I've been feeling burnt out on cooking this week, so I didn't feel like going to the farmers market, either. Instead, I went on a meandering 7 mile run through Hayes Valley, Duboce Triangle, the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park. It was great. Here's Duboce Park:

After I returned home from my run, G and I took Caltrain down to Stanford Stadium for one of my very favorite things: DRUM CORPS. Last night was our second year attending DCI West, and it was really fantastic. Honestly, this is one of my favorite things ever that I attend all year. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get to know this great artistic sport, and to share it with G, to whom it is extremely special. As usual, we got back to SF after midnight, and enjoyed a 1am dinner at our favorite hole-in-the-wall diner, finally tucking into bed at 2am.

Today, we both woke up feeling quite worse for wear. What the heck? Are we really getting old!? Anyway, today has been a low key day as a result. We ordered a late breakfast, I went on a beautiful run up to Alamo Square and back, did some shopping, cooked my breakfast for the week, and went to a really great, restorative calm yoga class to cap off the weekend -- and this solstice -- on a positive note. I feel good right now. I know work is looming, but I want to hang on to this for just a little bit longer.


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