#30daysofblogging Day 27: Scenes from a Sunday

I'm so tired today. It's Sunday. My nerves are fried today and all I want is to feel better, but nothing I've tried today has helped -- including yoga, where I had a really off day. It was still worth it, of course, and I'm actually not in that bad of a state, but I've been cranky all weekend, something that has been obvious to anyone who has spent time around me. I think I'm frustrated with my relative inability to keep my anxiety and moods in check this weekend.


I'll be fine, though. These are just the struggles du jour.

I've had a good weekend, regardless of feeling cranky, so don't think I've been miserable! I'm not.

Anyway, as I said before, I'm feeling pretty fried this evening, so here are some random photos from a perfectly ordinary Sunday. From my morning yoga class:

... to a beautiful, short run (day 14 of the run streak!) up to Alamo Square Park, and a walk back through my beautiful and wonderful neighborhood, Hayes Valley:

.. since then, I've been holed up in my apartment, cooking food (post coming on that tomorrow!) but also, uh, I finally started my newest puzzle ...

And with that, I am getting off of the computer and I am going to enjoy the rest of this Sunday. Tomorrow the dreaded work week begins again, ugh ugh ugh x1,000,000 but I'm trying to live in the moment. Monday isn't here yet. Still lots of trouble to get into ... ;)


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