#30daysofblogging Day 25: Five on Friday

1. Yesterday brought some really great news: I won a photo contest held by the farmers market (how awesome is that?) and as a result, I get to celebrate my birthday at CUESA's Summer Celebration on June 14th. 40 different food vendors, 20 different drink vendors giving out samples of their wares. I am really excited to attend such a nice event. I really wanted to, but the tickets are so expensive, I was just thinking yesterday about how great it would be if I could afford to go. I had no idea that the prize for winning the contest would be a ticket to the celebration for some reason. And honestly, that made winning and finding out the prize so much sweeter. Here's the winning photo (the theme of the week was "leaves and flowers"):

2. It's Friday, which means I allow myself to eat out. I had a yogurt parfait for breakfast (sometimes I still have breakfast from home, but not this week) and for lunch I had my favorite kale caesar salad from The Pasta Shop. It really is the best thing ever. I love it so much. The key to its success is not just proper massaging of the kale, it's also the addition of farro (my favorite grain!) to the mix.

3. I'm going to a yoga class tonight after work, you know, when it's the weekend. And then I get to photograph a burlesque show, and then go home, and relax and go to bed, because it's the weekend.

4. 25 days?! Suddenly this seems to have gone SO quickly! Wow. I've begun to think about what I'm going to do after these 30 days are over. It seems like overkill to continue blogging every day, but I don't want to immediately fall back into my old ways, aka not blogging at all, or blogging once a month or something terrible like that. I want this to be a reliable place for you to come read about the happenings in my life. I want this to be a place where I come to reliably write for myself, too. I haven't decided what to do yet, but I'm definitely thinking about it.

5. The weather has begun to get a bit better in the bay area this week, and today it was absolutely gorgeous when I went out for a run. I run on sunshine (literally!) so this is great news for me. I feel so much happier when it's sunny out. It felt like summer today. I love summer so much! Anything and everything seems like it's possible during the summer. Summer is when I can truly allow my heart to believe in magic. 


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