#30daysofblogging day 24: Photo an hour

I had a lot of fun doing one of these last week, so I thought I'd do it again. I knew that today would be a lot less "interesting" than last week, when I went to a really fun shoot. Today is just a normal day, albeit a day where I had to get up early and work early to avoid basketball traffic heading home. But in spite of that, I look through the day and see just how much I do every day of my life. There aren't a lot of moments where I'm at rest, or wasting time. Lots of energy, lots of stuff to do, lots of ambitions. This is actually good to see, because I do doubt myself and my trajectory sometimes, and I wonder if I'm wasting all of my time at work. Actually, I get a lot done at work!

I was supposed to do yoga today but the combination of post-Cardio Barre soreness and a 2.5 mile run earlier today have left me pretty leveled. Getting up at 6am didn't help. Now I am sitting around in my pajamas unable to move (see last photo). I feel good, but exhausted. G is on his way home, and with that, I am going to retire for the night.

Enjoy this glimpse into my everyday, busy life. I sure love that I get to wake up every day and live it.

6AM: Yes, up early again because I'm trying to avoid traffic and crowds on BART today heading to the Warriors game. 
7AM: This is my coworker's calendar. It is without a doubt the most adorable calendar that has ever happened. 
8AM: Finally I am having sweet, sweet coffee. I actually waited 20 minutes to drink it so that I could take this photo, ha.
9AM: Breakfast! Pan fried new potatoes with fresh corn off the cob, garlic & rosemary. The last of it. So good. I love corn!
10AM: I am OBSESSED with my new nail polish. I got it at Walgreens. I think it's Revlon? Anyway, OBSESSED. 
11AM: One of our collaboration areas at work. Note: nobody really uses these b/c people nearby complain of noise.
12PM: Famed punk music venue 924 Gilman, which is right by my office, as seen on my 2.5 mile lunch run. 
1PM: Lunch, pasta with way too much cheese, but I am going to stop eating cheese again so this was a last hurrah of sorts. 
2PM: Took a timeout in the office gym because I am so incredibly sore and stiff from cardio barre + running. 
3PM: Another new obsession, my new chapstick (vanilla mint flavor, OMG). Also ... can I leave yet? Are we there yet? 
4PM: Commuting home, this is the intersection of Market / 8th / Grove and one other street. Gotta love SF streets. 
5PM: Ahhhh beer and beans! Love this Italian beer very much (memories of Rome) & I'm simmering Rancho Gordo beans.
6PM: Unboxing my new puzzle. I skipped yoga to drink beer, cook beans, eat chips and open my puzzle. Evens out, right? 
7PM: I can't move. Down for the count. Listening to The Bat Player. Not enough energy to work on my puzzle! Zzzzzzzzzzz


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