#30daysofblogging Day 7: Blank Space

Some days, it's all you can do to keep your head emotionally and mentally above water. I am having one of those days, and not wanting to write goes along with days like that. I know you understand. Regardless of that, though, I still have to post today -- eek!  .... ie, (What I've been thinking all day)

These are two of the only photos I've taken today, and they pretty accurately reflect my mood:

Lots of imagery there: blank space, blankness, blank walls, compass, rudder, steering, ships ... all things I really relate to today. I've felt emotionally vulnerable, extra sensitive. I hate accepting that these types of days come around sometimes, and there's no way out but through.

Tonight, I'm definitely in Introvert Mode, and when I get like this, I need to hunker down in my apartment, away from the world (that includes you, internet) and take a night to treat myself right. Which is what I'm about to do, after I press "publish" --

-- can anyone relate? Any of my fellow sensitive introverts out there? People with anxiety issues?


Before I go, though. I do want to share with you a photo of the best part of my day so far. And believe me, this is something really fantastic. My favorite salad -- lima bean salad with olives, in kind of a Greek-style salad scenario -- was back at my favorite lunch destination in Berkeley today. I've literally been waiting daily for about 6 months, looking hopefully most days of the week, for this gosh darn salad to be back in the deli counter lineup. Every time, I left disappointed. I knew it had to come back eventually. And oh man, I almost did a jig in the middle of the store today. Thank goodness for being grateful for the little things, right?


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