#30daysofblogging Day 2: Currently

(Aquatic Park, Berkeley, as seen from my lunch run today)

Reading: I've been reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich all year so far, but lately I haven't been reading anything because I am really burnt out on it. It's pretty much the most dense book in the universe. I also just started A Homemade Life, which should (ha!) be an easier read. I also bought a book recently (a real book, with pages) called A World Lit Only By Fire, which is a nonfiction book about medieval Europe and the conditions that led to the renaissance. I know that reading is a habit, one that I all too easily fall out of these days because I'm tired/busy/the internet. Not good excuses, particularly the last one. Maybe writing it here will help me get back into it.

Thinking About: Volunteering at Sundance this coming January. The little kernel of an idea got placed in my head last weekend by one of my friends from high school, and maybe she was joking, but everyone should know by now: I love doing weird, adventurous, impulsive things like this. I don't think it's more than a fantasy at this point, but fortunately, I have time to decide and see if I can make it work. Would I rather do something like this, or plan a tropical getaway? And how does it impact my ability to do other things I want? Why do I always want to overdo everything? If you know one thing about me, know this: if it's good enough to do, I always think it's good to overdo.

Watching: I've been completely hooked on Air Disasters for the last several weeks. I was able to watch some of it on Netflix, but of course, then everything disappeared, so I've been streaming them on iTunes on my TV. It's hard to say whether they're going to make my fear of flying worse. I have a well documented fear of flying, but it doesn't stop me from getting on planes -- it can't. My desire to travel the world is far greater than any fear of flying. I just pity the people siting next to me, ha ha. Other than that, we've been watching Dig (which just wrapped up) and Bob's Burgers, which I am happily obsessed with now. We went through every season in about a month!

Listening: There are a lot of good albums coming out right now. My favorite album of the year, by far, is The Wombats' Glitterbug. It's so fantastic, their best album yet, in my opinion -- and that's saying something, since they take their time and put out fantastic albums. Other great albums I've been listening to: Best Coast, California Nights; Phosgore, Pestbringer; and new songs by Mono Inc, Blur (I still haven't listened to the full album) ... like I said, it's a great time for new music. Oh who am I kidding? All I'm listening to is The Wombats, you guys. I mean really. Daily. All the time. And to make matters worse, I'm seeing them again on Saturday, so it's CRAZY TIME.

Eating: I've been eating a lot of pizza lately. I'm not going to lie about that. But in terms of my everyday breakfasts and lunches, I've been spending more time in the kitchen recently. Usually, beginning on Sunday and then repeating through the week, I'll make a big batch of potatoes with veggies and herbs (either roasted or pan fried) to eat for breakfast during the week. For lunch, I've been making a lot of stir fried veggies with rice noodles, or roasted spaghetti squash with a veggie-loaded marinara sauce. I'm doing weekly farmers market trips, and started up my bi-monthly CSA delivery again, so I'm really enjoying local fruits and veggies as much as I can. But then, also: burritos, pizza, etc. You know how it goes. I want to enjoy my life, not be perfect.

Loving: Life. Over the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to do some really great things. I completed an amazing two weeks as a lead volunteer for the San Francisco International Film Festival; I spent two days photographing my favorite conference, TYPO San Francisco; I spent a week alone and went to some really great new-to-me restaurants; I've been getting a ton of sleep; I've really been putting effort into doing the things that make me happy; I've been biking pretty much everywhere instead of taking the bus, which has been wonderful; I saw one of my favorite bands, Covenant, and it was everything I dreamed of; I've been shooting burlesque and meeting new people; and somewhere in there, somewhere on one of those late night bike rides home, I realized just how gosh darn good my life is. And it's good because I've made it that way. And all of the stuff that gets in the way of my realizing how good my life is seems to have melted away. I don't know if this is temporary, but it is so great for the clouds to clear, to remind me of reality. My efforts to work through my depression and anxiety issues are always ongoing -- but I'm really trying to make it work without medication, and lately, I've felt very encouraged.

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