#30daysofblogging Day 19: Farmers Market Saturday

Today was the first summer market of the season. It was obvious that a tipping point had been reached: mountains of berries, summer squash, tomatoes, even corn! Corn on the freakin' cob! I couldn't resist, and I had to buy two ears. After a month of basically not seeing the sun, it has come out today a bit in San Francisco, and that has me in a good mood. It's also G's birthday today, and we went to a wonderful lunch this afternoon, took a long walk, and now we're chilling until we see Laibach in concert tonight at The Fillmore. All in all -- such a good day so far.

On the workout front, I am so sore from a happy hour yoga class yesterday. On top of that incredible soreness, I ran 5.5 miles this morning, then took a long walk, so man, I am tired. I feel so good being this tired, I really do, but it also really hurts. How can I feel so good and bad at the same time?! At any moment I go from elated about how I feel, to aching like crazy. And the best/worst part is that I have a yoga class tomorrow from 10-11:15, oh god, how am I going to do this being so sore I can't successfully do a chaturanga?! Well, we're going to find out!

Happy second-to-last day of May. Here are my shots from today's gorgeous market:


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