#30daysofblogging Day 17: Grumpy Cat?

Accurate representation of me right now (PS I LOVE GRUMPY CAT)

Well ... this isn't exactly the truth.
I'm not really grumpy (actually, I'm in a good mood), but this is a pretty good descriptor of life inside my head most of the time. I guess my baseline status is pretty grumpy :P

I'm just exhausted. That's all. And it's been a long week so far. I fell asleep around 10:30pm last night while watching Air Disasters, but still didn't manage to get great sleep for the second night in a row. Not to mention that I got up at 6am again. No more of that. Tonight I'm back to normal hours (usually I get up at 7am, but my schedule this week has been so demanding that I've been working earlier).

I am so tired today, and that is a huge understatement. My exhaustion is no longer really doable after a certain point, and I feel borderline sick now (I'm so tired I am struggling to be functional). I bowed out of tonight's shoot in order to take care of myself, and make sure I'm going to be able to make it through the following two days/nights, which both involve going out and being a functional person. I don't know why I am so prone to committing to way too much stuff, but obviously it's something I'm still working on.

Tonight I'm going back into Introvert Mode. I can't wait.

What are some things that you do when you're trying to treat yourself well? Just for you?

Here's my current list:
  • Take a really hot shower
  • Have a glass of wine (or several, if it's a really bad scenario -- probably shouldn't do that)
  • Watch an episode of my favorite "just for me" TV show
  • Work on a puzzle (I am currently "without puzzle" which is really sad)
  • Go on a run
  • Do some yoga / go to a yoga class
  • Listen to music
  • Cook something
  • Go on a walk 
  • Get something done on my to-do list that is really causing me stress 
  • And the grand winner ... holing up in my apartment and not talking to anybody/doing anything!
Not gonna lie, though -- I did also google "adult ball pit" today hoping against hope that something like this exists for stress relief. I left the internet disappointed. Why can't someone do this?! You would think that a city of eternal adolescents like San Francisco would have an adult ball pit by now. Can someone get on that?

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. That feels mighty good.


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