#30daysofblogging Day 11: Life, the universe and everything

(found this on a card at the bookstore during lunch. very appropriate!)

I'm really not sure why I gave this post that title, but I think I'm feeling extra expansive and happy today because it's Friday, and it's the start of a three day weekend, and I woke up feeling really physically good today for the first time in weeks. Yes! I've had a cold, and then I got bronchitis once G returned from his Omaha trip, so I've been pretty miserable for a while. But after two months of being sick (remember, really, this began before my uncle died in March, and I lost my voice for 2 months, remember?), I finally went to the doctor last week, and I finally got antibiotics, and I waited a week and then finally took them, and what do you know, I magically actually feel better.

(It's not magic. It's medicine!)

So that explains a lot toward why I'm so pleased as punch about everything today. Being mentally clear and feeling physically good goes so far toward a positive outlook.


So then at lunch, at which I ate the most delicious kale caesar salad ever, I wandered into Books Inc., which still has a branch down the street from my office. I love going to this bookstore, and I'm really sad they're moving to another part of Berkeley next month, but luckily I also live very close to their San Francisco Van Ness location, so hope is not lost. Anyway, inside they have a ton of neat things in addition to books, including cards with inspirational sayings. Anyone who has known me for a long time knows that the next thing out of my mouth is "INSPIRATIONAL SAYINGS?! MY FAVORITE!" I know, I'm that girl. No shame. So I found this one and instantly thought of my blog post. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? You're on the right track.


So it's Friday, and I'm leaving work at 1:30pm and I have a three day weekend starting NOW. There are so many things going wrong in the world right now, but in my little corner of the galaxy, things are A-OK, and I'm not going to overthink that. Instead, I'm going to the Biergarten this afternoon, with a good book, and I'm going to have some real, well-deserved me time. Followed by a weekend that will include many awesome things, movies, farmers market, running, a boy I love -- all the good stuff.

I'll be back tomorrow with another edition of Farmers Market Saturday. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 


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