#30daysofblogging Day 10: Throwback Thursday, Holga Edition

Hello again. Thank you for your kind words after yesterday's post, which made me feel extremely vulnerable and also made me realize just how scary it is to put yourself out there on the internet these days. I really preferred the 90s, when the internet was a thing only a small subset of people frequented, but alas, those days are long gone. Yesterday did show me some of the good that can come from our social media-obsessed world. Thank you.

I don't really feel like talking today, but I've been looking at some old images from between 2007-2008 and thought I'd share them for Throwback Thursday. I shot all of these on a Holga, and to this day they're some of my favorite images I've ever shot. I haven't gotten the Holga out in many years at this point, but I really should. These capture something digital photos simply can't.

Jeffy/Zeke double exposure; 2006

Sutter & Grant, San Francisco, 2006

Pacific Grove, 2006

Octavia Street, San Francisco, 2006

Slightly smaller film because it was b/w. This is Shattuck & Allston in downtown Berkeley, 2008

ASUC Art Studio porch, UC Berkeley, 2008


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