Sunday, May 31, 2015

#30daysofblogging Day 20: Eating Well: Meal Planning #2

I'm going to be honest with you, internet: unlike most weekends, today I really didn't want to cook. I wasn't feeling it at all. Last night,  G and I went to a concert and went to bed after midnight. This morning I went to a challenging yoga class, still sore from Friday's yoga class, and then I ran a mile. I spent most of the day so deliciously exhausted, I could barely move. Fortunately, we got out and went on a trip to the Marina to have lunch at my favorite new Vietnamese place (Saiwalks!) and made a pit stop at Kara's Cupcakes, after which I was able to muster some energy and knock out some planned meals in an hour and a half.

I'm trying something slightly new this week. I've realized that I really need to be cooking new batches of food halfway through the week, or else food starts to go bad (gross). I mean the cooked food, though certainly the food still waiting to be cooked in my fridge also starts to go bad. I just can't make potatoes or the greens in cooked pasta last more than a couple of days in tupperware, and I absolutely hate wasting food and money, so something has to change. I've tried to get better at food storage this week, and I cooked smaller batches of food today, with plans to cook more later this week. Maybe I need to accept that I need to make more time for cooking.

Anyway, I'm about to settle in for a movie and a calm evening, so let me show you what I'm going to be eating this week. I'm going to make more of the same thing later this week, plus some roasted veggies such as broccoli, so the plan is already set. I love that. All of this food came from either my CSA box from Eatwell Farm, or from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Love that, too.

BREAKFASTS: Pan fried new potatoes with garlic, corn from the cob & fresh rosemary

LUNCHES: Fresh bucatini with arrabiata sauce (both from The Pasta Shop) with added sautéed garlic, shiitake mushrooms, zucchini & fresh basil

I also made a point to cook while I was not hungry this week, which made me not snack while cooking at all! I highly recommend not snacking while cooking. For some reason it makes me feel gross, probably because I just gorge on all of my ingredients without thought ... I can't be the only one who is prone to such things, am I?


Saturday, May 30, 2015

#30daysofblogging Day 19: Farmers Market Saturday

Today was the first summer market of the season. It was obvious that a tipping point had been reached: mountains of berries, summer squash, tomatoes, even corn! Corn on the freakin' cob! I couldn't resist, and I had to buy two ears. After a month of basically not seeing the sun, it has come out today a bit in San Francisco, and that has me in a good mood. It's also G's birthday today, and we went to a wonderful lunch this afternoon, took a long walk, and now we're chilling until we see Laibach in concert tonight at The Fillmore. All in all -- such a good day so far.

On the workout front, I am so sore from a happy hour yoga class yesterday. On top of that incredible soreness, I ran 5.5 miles this morning, then took a long walk, so man, I am tired. I feel so good being this tired, I really do, but it also really hurts. How can I feel so good and bad at the same time?! At any moment I go from elated about how I feel, to aching like crazy. And the best/worst part is that I have a yoga class tomorrow from 10-11:15, oh god, how am I going to do this being so sore I can't successfully do a chaturanga?! Well, we're going to find out!

Happy second-to-last day of May. Here are my shots from today's gorgeous market:

Friday, May 29, 2015

#30daysofblogging Day 18: Five on Friday

portrait of a goose as a young ... goose 
1. I have really been enjoying my daily runs in the Runner's World Runstreak. Today was day five, and I've run about two miles every day this week so far. I was worried because I appeared to be having some IT band pain earlier this week and in previous weeks, but I am happy to report that for the last two days, my pain has been entirely gone! I feel good. Better every day. And I've been able to go spend some time every day seeing some of my friends (see above). I'm really trying my best not to overdo everything here, because I'm prone to overdoing it, but I am having so much fun so far.

2, Yesterday, on a whim, I got a great deal on a  month of membership with Classpass, which means I'm now really excited about taking unlimited fitness classes at studios around the bay area for the next month! It was a super great deal, and this evening I'm doing my first class, a happy hour yoga class downtown. It seems like a better deal than going home and starting to drink wine and sitting around in bed. Plus, it's only an hour. I can do this! Additionally, it kicks off this weekend in a healthy way. I'm also scheduled for a class on Sunday.

3. I've really been digging on this song lately, and what I mean by that is, I've had it in my head for three solid days. I love Grimes. She's a woman who actually makes her own music, and she isn't afraid to be herself -- which is a weird person, hello fellow weird person! -- and even better: this song got dumped from her lost album (which she canned last year) and the version she released is neither mixed nor mastered. There is something I LOVE about this. She's real, she doesn't give a fuck, and she's damn good at making music.

4. I treated myself to one lunch out this week, and that day was today: I went and got my favorite kale caesar salad from down the street after my run. I don't normally love kale salads, but this salad, I think I've mentioned here before ... it is magical. I was determined to stay healthy today, because I'm really trying to eat better and get my diet back on track. I must say, though, that it took all of my willpower to deny myself fried artichokes. Do you have any idea how difficult that was?! FRIED ARTICHOKES, people.

5. It's Friday and there is a certain boy's birthday this weekend and I am very happy that we get to celebrate together by going to see Laibach in concert. I don't know what else we're doing, but I do know we'll be together, and that's all that matters to me. <3  Other than that, this weekend I am going on a longer run, doing my farmers market shopping as usual, editing photos ... and who knows what else! This weekend actually seems pretty free so far, in terms of plans. I love weekends like that. Maybe we'll end up going to see a movie. Maybe we'll go out for waffles. Who knows! I'm just so happy the weekend begins in only two short hours.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

#30daysofblogging Day 17: Grumpy Cat?

Accurate representation of me right now (PS I LOVE GRUMPY CAT)

Well ... this isn't exactly the truth.
I'm not really grumpy (actually, I'm in a good mood), but this is a pretty good descriptor of life inside my head most of the time. I guess my baseline status is pretty grumpy :P

I'm just exhausted. That's all. And it's been a long week so far. I fell asleep around 10:30pm last night while watching Air Disasters, but still didn't manage to get great sleep for the second night in a row. Not to mention that I got up at 6am again. No more of that. Tonight I'm back to normal hours (usually I get up at 7am, but my schedule this week has been so demanding that I've been working earlier).

I am so tired today, and that is a huge understatement. My exhaustion is no longer really doable after a certain point, and I feel borderline sick now (I'm so tired I am struggling to be functional). I bowed out of tonight's shoot in order to take care of myself, and make sure I'm going to be able to make it through the following two days/nights, which both involve going out and being a functional person. I don't know why I am so prone to committing to way too much stuff, but obviously it's something I'm still working on.

Tonight I'm going back into Introvert Mode. I can't wait.

What are some things that you do when you're trying to treat yourself well? Just for you?

Here's my current list:
  • Take a really hot shower
  • Have a glass of wine (or several, if it's a really bad scenario -- probably shouldn't do that)
  • Watch an episode of my favorite "just for me" TV show
  • Work on a puzzle (I am currently "without puzzle" which is really sad)
  • Go on a run
  • Do some yoga / go to a yoga class
  • Listen to music
  • Cook something
  • Go on a walk 
  • Get something done on my to-do list that is really causing me stress 
  • And the grand winner ... holing up in my apartment and not talking to anybody/doing anything!
Not gonna lie, though -- I did also google "adult ball pit" today hoping against hope that something like this exists for stress relief. I left the internet disappointed. Why can't someone do this?! You would think that a city of eternal adolescents like San Francisco would have an adult ball pit by now. Can someone get on that?

I can't believe tomorrow is Friday already. That feels mighty good.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#30daysofblogging Day 16: Photo an hour

It's Wednesday. My super busy time starts today and doesn't start to let up until the weekend. Today is probably the worst day, somehow -- things on top of things, all happening at the same time. Schedule juggling has been required, and gosh, I long for a day when I don't have to do that so much.

I think I did a "photo an hour" type thing when I was in my late teens/early 20s, so suffice it to say, it's been a long time since I've done something like this. I don't really want to publish this at 11pm, so I'm just going to do an hour a day from when I wake up, to the end of my workday. Of course, today is messed up, and I am leaving earlier than usual to go pick up my CSA box and make it to my 4:30pm second job (a photo job). Of course. It can't really be simple, can it? Not for me. Anyway -- I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life.

Update: I continued this through my second job and until I got home. 19k steps between when I woke up this morning, and when I got home. Oh my gooooooodness. And this is just 1 out of 3 straight nights of shooting after work, followed by G's birthday (and another show) on Saturday. I'm crazy!

6AM: Coffee, oh, sweet coffee. I love you so.  I got up extra early this morning to go to work early so I can leave early. 
7AM: Coffee is pretty much the only reason I am physically capable of smiling this early in the morning. 
8AM: I have a rotating desktop background at work right now, and this is my favorite of all the various illustrations. 
9AM: Breakfast (the pan fried potatoes w/ rosemary that I mentioned in a blog post two days ago. This is the last of them!
10AM: Boots on the office floor. The floor carpet is my favorite part of the entire office. 
12PM: Industrial West Berkeley, as seen on my lunch run. This is my favorite former industrial site-turned-art piece.
1PM: Finally time for lunch. This is the pasta I described making in Monday's blog post, w/ roasted broccoli/cauliflower
2PM: One last look at my new cubicle (we just moved cubes over the long weekend, so yesterday was spent unpacking!)
3PM: Commuting home to get my CSA box before rushing off to my second job, a photo gig. 
4PM: Sitting in the lobby at my photo gig in SoMa, the calm before the storm. I love this lobby. I love gigs at this place.
5PM: I locate and finally play a free (!) Star Trek pinball game (!!) and get 10 million points. It was so awesome, you guys.
6PM: The view from the 6th floor of 123 Townsend Street. Just a gorgeous view of the city. I am a lucky girl. 
7PM/8PM: I just got home a little while ago, after one last bike ride for the day. Now: watching the Walrus Cam. Ahhh.

You know what's really cool? Doing one of these, and looking back on it at the end of the day and realizing how cool your life is, and how grateful you are for it. My life is full and really amazing. In the tough moments, I really need to look back at posts like this. I feel very fulfilled this evening.

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