Things I am excited about

I don't know how I'm doing. I guess I'm doing OK most of the time. Which is to say -- I'm probably not OK, but I keep it below the surface most of the time so that I can go ahead with my everyday life. It's one of those things. Grief is weird. I'm ready to be over it, but that's how I feel about most things involving emotions, and I also know you can't just jettison feelings or not go through the process of feeling them. So whatever, I'll just try to be patient. But do know that I'm eager to deal with it and move on with my life, and I'll mostly be acting as normal as possible to facilitate that. Just try not to assume I'm fine, OK?

Plus, life really does go on whether you're ready for it or not, and I feel motivated to get my life back on track and enjoy the happiness of spring and summer. Because hello, it's already April.

This is the time of year where life usually gets really good for me (I also said this last year around this time, and reading through my archives yesterday reminded me of how true this is). There's a lot of stuff I'm looking forward to right now, just in the next two months:

TYPO SF — My favorite photography gig is happening again at the end of the month. I like to call it "design summer camp" and it's a reunion of my favorite creative people. I am so lucky to have this gig, and every year it resets my creative juices and inspires me for the rest of the year.

SFIFF —I'm so, so excited to volunteer at the SF International Film Festival again. This year I hope to be a Lead Volunteer, which comes with additional responsibility. I had the time of my life volunteering at the festival last year, and learned a lot about myself, and I've been so eager for the chance to do it again. Obviously I'll be scaling back on other things to do this, as it's quite an intense two weeks. I'm going to my orientation tomorrow. Did I mention I'm excited?!

KitTea — I'm going to be volunteering at the new Cat Cafe opening down the street from my apartment. Yes, you heard right. The purpose of the cafe is to help cats get adopted, and I am really, really, really excited about helping out. I met the founders last month and they're great.

Wanderlust — The day before Bay to Breakers,  I'll be doing a "mindful triathlon" by one of my favorite organizations, Wanderlust. It's a 5k, yoga and meditation triathlon. I managed to get a sought after ticket, and it's beyond sold out now, so I feel really lucky to get to experience this, and on the same weekend as another special SF event, too.

Bay to Breakers — This will be my first race since last year's Run for the Seals (which was all the way back in August. I am so excited. I'm also very nervous, since I only just began running again when I was in Boise last week, and certainly won't be in amazing shape in mid May. But I'm happy just to run this special race again, even if I need to walk part of it, even if I don't PR. It's all good.

And these are just the big things. There are other shows and yoga classes and things like that to look forward to, also. I just really wanted to get that last blog post off of the top of my blog page, because it's really painful for me to look at it. And saying positive stuff is always worth it.

And now it's the WEEKEND, so hooray!


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