Project 365 | 091-105

Well, here I am again, back to post the rest of my backlogged Project 365 photos. In case you mistakenly thought I was sane, I must confess that for some reason I really love that the first photo in this set is right on April 1st. Something about that seems really neat and tidy, to have it be the first half of the month.

Oooh. I do love neat & tidy.


Today was a Sunday. A busy one. And I'm fortunately taking tomorrow off to attend training and meetings for my upcoming gig as a Lead Volunteer at the San Francisco International Film Festival (!) (so excited!), so it doesn't feel quite as apocalyptic right now as a typical Sunday evening does.

So without further ado...

Warning: gorgeous spring weather, clouds, multiple instances of ducklings ahead!

April 1st: I went on my first lunch run of 2015 and discovered a massive number of adorable ducklings at the lake <3

April 2nd: One of many Easter treats I received at work on this Thursday before Easter weekend. So good. It was so good.

April 3rd: I photographed a pop-up petting zoo at a company in San Francisco and it was one of the best things ever!!!!

April 4th: SF bay, as seen from a sunny farmers market morning

April 5th: I did a blank puzzle this month, and here it is, about halfway finished. I finished it two days ago! 

April 6th: puffy clouds ahead of a (these days) rare storm

April 7th: reflection in a puddle, after the storm had moved through. We got some rain! 

April 8th: a gorgeous, gorgeous view of Aquatic Park in Berkeley, as seen from my lunch run. 

April 9th: as seen at North Berkeley BART; something I've meant to photograph all year long.

April 10th: the foliage is pretty much all in now, around here. Gorgeous plum and maple trees, rustling in the breeze. 

April 11th: Ft. Mason (and a huge dragonfly!) snapped before I got very drunk at the SF Vintners Market ;) 

April 12th: gorgeous spring flowers in full bloom at the Conservatory of Flowers, Golden Gate Park. <3 <3 <3 <3 

April 13th: not feeling it this last Monday on BART. Monday the 13th, that's like Friday the 13th, right? 

April 14th: my favorite neighborhood sculpture in Patricia's Green, Hayes Valley. 

April 15th: oh hi, another lunch run in Berkeley, and moar ducklings, ducklings everywhere! What a beautiful day.


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