Project 365 | 061-75

Well, another two weeks has passed, and I haven't been able to get it together enough to write any other blog posts. My ongoing failure in this regard is pretty silly, but I've definitely been busy. I think what's holding me up has been the idea that I need to write about my trip. What I need is to stop putting myself to write about it, and for the writeup to be perfect. I just want to share some of my thoughts. After that, I have many things I'd like to share on here, like how I haven't had a drink in nearly three weeks (!), and how I need to get running again, and how I've started doing yoga again, and some of the great things about spring in San Francisco, and books I've been reading. I also have a huge backlog of food posts, which is really exciting. I've been cooking a ton! And then there are things like the cat cafe I'm going to be volunteering at ... I mean, seriously.

I'm trying really hard these days to change the things in my life that make me unhappy, and find ways to ground myself and be happier. 2015 is the year I really listen to myself, figure out where I want to be, and figure out how to get there, in so many ways. We're never done growing. I'm in better shape this year than I was last year. Spring is here and it's light later and yay.

Here are my shots from the last couple of weeks:

March 2nd: I got made fun of taking this photo by a dumb high school student. Who cares, whatever, get off my lawn

March 3rd: Look up, Berkeley (Spenger's Fish Grotto really looks like a boat at the top, who knew?!)

March 4th: I got a free afternoon off to run a work errand, so here's my bike at North Berkeley BART at 1:45pm. Empty.

March 5th: Sunset over Linden Alley, Hayes Valley. Beautiful. 

March 6th: An amazing, local blood orange from Twin Girls Farm. IT WAS SO GOOD. I've eaten 4 in the last 24 hours. 

March 7th: Playing with pigeons, capturing a beautiful pigeon in flight this morning at the farmers market. <3 <3 

March 8th: The roof from my old home in SoMa. I spent most of the day there on Sunday. 

March 9th: I went to a sunny yoga studio in Berkeley at lunchtime, and enjoyed a wonderful class. I am sore, you guys!

March 10th: It was such a grey day out today, but I found some gorgeous trees in full bloom outside the BART station. 

March 11th: I left work early, sick with a nasty cold -- but caught some gorgeous 11am light against the blooming trees. 

March 12th: on a sick day, I  actually went many places, trying to pick up healthy foods, do yoga, treat myself right. 

March 13th: this was the worst day of my illness. I could hardly breathe. It was hot and humid out. So: some flowers. 

March 14th: a warm, but less humid, Saturday evening in Hayes Valley. SO many people out. It was lovely--magical even.

March 15th: Sunday, early afternoon, on a walk to lunch. One of my favorite phrases written on the side of a paper box.

March 16th: a grey day in Berkeley; I walked around trying to find some inspiration. I love the color & geometry here.


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