Project 365 | 046-60

GAH! I have meant to write so many blog posts between the last post and now, but I've been really busy shooting a music festival and all the other stuff that I do all the time (work, etc) -- plus, I've really been thinking deeply about creating meaningful content on the internet, and not just adding to the noise and junk out there. I don't want to post because I feel obligated to put up content. I want to post because I have something real to say or convey. Lately, that has meant I have nothing worth posting.

This week I've finally thought of things I'd like to post about -- self improvement type stuff, and a post about Isla Mujeres. I just figured out how to Airdrop photos from my phone to my computer, so that's a revelation that will hopefully make it easier for me to post phone photos. I really hate creating blog posts on my phone, and prefer to use my laptop, but most of my images are on my phone, so...yes. Anyway, I'm sure it's all about prioritizing stuff better, as usual.

Here are more of my photo a day shots. From the end of my Mexican adventure, to last Sunday.

Feb. 15th: My favorite day on the island. I rented a bike and biked around the entire thing. It was freeing & gorgeous.

Feb. 16th: my last look at Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres before heading to the airport and back to San Francisco. 

Feb. 17th: Home again in SF. I managed to find blossoms to inspire me on a cold, grey, foggy day. Welcome home, right?

Feb. 18th: More blossoms, this time in Berkeley, above a field of clover.  Still looking for my mojo after returning to work.

Feb. 19th: The most SPRINGY house ever, covered in gorgeous flowers of every type, Virginia Street in North Berkeley.

Feb. 20th: I found some crocuses blooming in Berkeley, which makes me very happy because they aren't that common here.

Feb. 21st: ASPARAGUS SEASON BEGINS at the farmers market! 

Feb. 22nd: Look up, Hayes Valley (note: I'm getting really into "look up" type photos, be forewarned)

Feb. 23rd: It was so windy on this day, I had a lot of trouble getting a photo that wasn't blurry. But FINALLY it happened!

Feb. 24th: One of my favorite trees in West Berkeley. I absolutely love photos like this, too. Working on composition.

Feb. 25th: The BART tracks in Oakland, on my commute home. 

Feb. 26th: a quote on the wall at Haas Pavilion at UC Berkeley. I went for a meeting. Reading this made me tear up <3

Feb. 27th: Fourth Street, Berkeley, in the full throes of spring now. So beautiful. 

Feb. 28th: San Francisco Bay from the ferry building

March 1st: Two Smart Cars parked next to each other in an amusing manner, as seen from my kitchen window. 


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