Project 365 | 015-031

I can tell I'm starting to get up in my head about photos sometimes, in the second half of January. Things like -- I get worked up about taking a photo, because what if it's not good enough or something? As if I know what not good enough even is? As if there's actually a standard? I'm fully aware of these types of thought patterns, so I've tried to relax and let things happen naturally, without any needless fretting. After all -- this is supposed to be fun.

I really love going through these photos after two weeks, remembering the good stuff that happened. I can't believe it's February already. January is typically not my favorite month, but I made it through, and saw many neat things. I learned a lot. January has not been without merit. Each month and each day is worth living and finding the happiness and color in. Unless you're at a goth night -- then you're not supposed to seek out the color. And yet, I can argue, you can find so much color at goth nights! 

...I digress? 

More on that later? 

ANYWAY. Here are my shots from the latter half of January:

Jan. 15th: baby tortoises, best thing ever at the East Bay Vivarium // Jan. 16th: Proxy SF, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Jan. 17th: the first tulips of the year appeared at the farmers market. Also, I made it to the farmers market <3

Jan. 18th: I finished this damn puzzle, which I thought would be "so much easier" but was actually ridiculously hard!

Jan. 19th: A day off with my sweet boyfriend in North Beach. A perfect San Francisco day. Seriously good adventure times.

Jan. 20th: Good thing I took this picture of a gorgeous mural in Hayes Valley, because as of two days ago it is gone!!!!!!!!!

Jan. 21st: A West Berkeley sunrise. Not as great as the last one, but you can't really demand these things from nature, right

Jan. 22nd: mural next to Warby Parker store, Hayes Valley // Jan. 25th: DragonEats, favorite neighborhood Vietnamese food

Jan. 23rd: Hayes Valley street art (yeah, there's a lot of it)

Jan. 24th: a picture-perfect 70 degree day, Patricia's Green, San Francisco

Jan. 26th: walking to the bus stop after cat sitting, Mission Bay, San Francisco

Jan. 27th: my building, plus the beautiful sky above, after a crazy Monday at work. 

Jan. 28th: a front yard in Berkeley, found on a lunchtime walk, a fairy land with so many signs of spring. YES. 

Jan. 29th: a rainbow Le Creuset display at Sur La Table in Berkeley; another lunchtime discovery. OMG OBSESSED.

Jan. 30th: Street art in progress, Linden Street, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Jan. 31st: my standard weekend breakfast, about to happen. Just $5 worth of vegetables at the local market, and vegan, too! 


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