Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project 365 | 032-45

Oh boy, am I ever behind on posts right now. I spent a week in Mexico this month and didn't spend much time on the computer while I was there. I got back this past Monday, not even a week ago, and since then I've been telling myself that I can't catch up on blog posts until all of my DSLR photos from my vacation are edited and uploaded. For a variety of reasons, that took until this evening. So now here I am, trying to catch up on posts. These in particular are posts I don't want to get behind on, because it can snowball quickly, I'm sure.

On that note: more soon! And my trip was wonderful. Everything I'd hoped it would be. I will share some of my favorite images on here soon. You also get to see a few below, but they're iPhone shots, so they're not quite the same. I'm happy to be back and have had a great week and a great weekend, so life is actually feeling pretty darn good right now. I'm trying to get back into some good habits, which should hopefully help things stay that way.

Feb. 1st: An abandoned park on Super Bowl Sunday
Feb. 2nd: Flowers on 4th Street, Berkeley, with the sun behind them. 
Feb. 3rd: beautiful Vespa in Hayes Valley // Feb. 8th: IT RAINED // FEb. 10th: sunset from Yerba Buena Gardens, SF
Feb: 4th: I love this sticker I saw on a bike rack on 4th Street in Berkeley. Captured on my lunch break. 
Feb. 5th: North Berkeley sunrise, part one
Feb. 6th: North Berkeley sunrise, part two
Feb. 7th: Seagulls at the ferry plaza farmers market, san francisco 
Feb. 9th: blossoming trees in North Berkeley, one of my absolute favorite things in the entire universe <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
Feb. 11th: I arrived in Isla Mujeres right at sunset. So beautiful. 
Feb. 12th and Feb. 13th: FOR REAL THIS IS ACTUALLY REAL. Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres, the most amazing beach ever.
Feb. 14th: The best Valentines Day I ever had was the Valentines Day I spent pretending it wasn't actually Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Project 365 | 015-031

I can tell I'm starting to get up in my head about photos sometimes, in the second half of January. Things like -- I get worked up about taking a photo, because what if it's not good enough or something? As if I know what not good enough even is? As if there's actually a standard? I'm fully aware of these types of thought patterns, so I've tried to relax and let things happen naturally, without any needless fretting. After all -- this is supposed to be fun.

I really love going through these photos after two weeks, remembering the good stuff that happened. I can't believe it's February already. January is typically not my favorite month, but I made it through, and saw many neat things. I learned a lot. January has not been without merit. Each month and each day is worth living and finding the happiness and color in. Unless you're at a goth night -- then you're not supposed to seek out the color. And yet, I can argue, you can find so much color at goth nights! 

...I digress? 

More on that later? 

ANYWAY. Here are my shots from the latter half of January:

Jan. 15th: baby tortoises, best thing ever at the East Bay Vivarium // Jan. 16th: Proxy SF, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Jan. 17th: the first tulips of the year appeared at the farmers market. Also, I made it to the farmers market <3

Jan. 18th: I finished this damn puzzle, which I thought would be "so much easier" but was actually ridiculously hard!

Jan. 19th: A day off with my sweet boyfriend in North Beach. A perfect San Francisco day. Seriously good adventure times.

Jan. 20th: Good thing I took this picture of a gorgeous mural in Hayes Valley, because as of two days ago it is gone!!!!!!!!!

Jan. 21st: A West Berkeley sunrise. Not as great as the last one, but you can't really demand these things from nature, right

Jan. 22nd: mural next to Warby Parker store, Hayes Valley // Jan. 25th: DragonEats, favorite neighborhood Vietnamese food

Jan. 23rd: Hayes Valley street art (yeah, there's a lot of it)

Jan. 24th: a picture-perfect 70 degree day, Patricia's Green, San Francisco

Jan. 26th: walking to the bus stop after cat sitting, Mission Bay, San Francisco

Jan. 27th: my building, plus the beautiful sky above, after a crazy Monday at work. 

Jan. 28th: a front yard in Berkeley, found on a lunchtime walk, a fairy land with so many signs of spring. YES. 

Jan. 29th: a rainbow Le Creuset display at Sur La Table in Berkeley; another lunchtime discovery. OMG OBSESSED.

Jan. 30th: Street art in progress, Linden Street, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

Jan. 31st: my standard weekend breakfast, about to happen. Just $5 worth of vegetables at the local market, and vegan, too! 

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