Project 365 | 001-014

 I haven't done a 365 project in years. I certainly am far removed from a time where carrying my large DSLR around with me at this point; I've long since moved into the professional stage of my career, and for better or for worse, photography isn't something I want to be doing with my DSLR all of the time. I work with my DSLR. I don't use it for hobby work anymore. For a long time I fought against that, and perhaps someday I'll get back to things like that, but right now there are other elements of photography to explore. 

For instance: the iPhone 6, which I got in September, is really amazing, and I'm having so much fun playing with it and seeing what it's capable of in terms of photography. I have it with me all the time, and it's light and portable, so this isn't a problem, taking one photo a day. Chances are I take at least one photo per day anyway, so this is more of a mindful, creative exercise than anything else. Well, and it's really fun. I even have lenses for my phone. Crazy, isn't it? I don't use them that frequently, but they're always in my purse and it's really fun to play with them.

I'm going to post the photos here in one or two week increments. Here are the first two weeks:

Jan. 1st: Patricia's Green, Hayes Valley, San Francisco. My favorite photo of the year so far. I love it so much. Ah, my neighborhood is the freaking best. The buildings, the trees, the parks, that yellow from the gingko. I love this photo so much.

Jan. 2nd: a view of my current puzzle, a bucolic winter scene that's kicking my ass! See also: a hard pear cider. 

Jan. 3rd: Sitting across the alleyway from Blue Bottle Coffee, Hayes Valley. 

Jan. 4th: Famous fishy street art // Jan. 9th: I found this card in a bookstore in Berkeley. I love the quote. It's so "me" !

Jan. 5th: I took my bike to the shop after work to fill its tires. I love my bike with full tires. So good. Taken at -- where else? -- Patricia's Green, so close to my apartment. I try to go to the park almost every day after work so I can see the sun set and enjoy the dogs and people and atmosphere, so I'm willing to bet that the park will appear a lot more this year.

Jan 6th: Hayes Valley street art. As in, it's literally in the street. 

Jan. 7th: Hayes Valley sunset. I hope there are a lot of these. 

Jan. 8th: Berkeley sunrise. This is basically not touched at all, and yes, it was an incredible sight. Sunrises are my favorite.

Jan. 11th: Happily, I found the very first signs of spring in Patricia's Green last weekend. <3

Jan. 13th: Feeling moody, I snapped this while walking to lunch in Berkeley. It hate the "new year - new you" stuff. A lot. 

Jan: 12th: Mission Bay, in color // Jan 10th: Mission Bay, in noir // Jan. 14th: Civic Center, from the farmer's market. SF <3


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