Yesterday I decided to pay a long overdue visit to the Exploratorium. Can you believe that the only time I'd been to the new incarnation of this museum was for a volunteer shift at SFIFF last April? I didn't get out of the map room and was working during that shift, obviously, but hello, map room. I knew I had to come back, but I'm lazy about going to museums in my own city. This seemed like the most "fun" option when I considered museums on Monday morning, though. And interactive!

Technically I think the Exploratorium is a children's museum, but that's a lot of baloney, or maybe it's just that I'm never going to grow up? I was so impressed with the new, much larger museum. It's absolutely huge. There is so much stuff to touch and read about and hear and see! A couple of sections seemed more geared toward smaller children, but everything else was great for kids of all ages (I saw several old people wandering around trying stuff out like I was. I loved that). And I took so many photos, you're probably all going to hate me, but  I don't care. :P

My favorite parts were:
1) The extensive exhibit on color
2) The plant ecosystems
3) Goldfish, of course!
4) The map room, I mean, really, the map room
5) Hermit crabs!!
6) Beautiful photographs of the natural landscape
7) The NSA-funded social psych exhibit about "the science of sharing"

Basically it was a really awesome way to spend a couple of hours.
I hope I never grow up.
Here are my photos from the trip:


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