Who knows, right?

I decided a few weeks ago, before my return to blogging more regularly, that the reason I hadn't been blogging is because I didn't feel like cluttering up the internet with meaningless posts or content. Sure, I could post every day, but I don't have things I want to talk about every day. I wish I did, but I just don't. I'm not at a place in my life where I feel comfortable discussing the everyday minutiae anymore, and beyond that, I don't feel like rambling about my day is particularly good content.

I really like having targeted posts, but the inspiration isn't there a lot of the time. I also suffer from "never finished post syndrome" and have tons of drafts sitting there without specific content. I have posts in my head, but I don't feel like writing them yet, etc. I'm sure many people who blog are familiar with this stuff. Previously, I'd put a lot of imaginary pressure on myself to blog as much as possible, but perhaps obviously, quality > quantity.

But I'm also not a full time blogger who has a ton of time to go out and immaculately document my weird hobbies and share them with the world. I wish I could fit all that stuff into the day, but I'd rather be out there living life. But then again, I do love documenting my life. Of course this blog is for me, but it's out there for a reason -- so other people come across it. I just think it's kind of lame to post a picture of me with my gourds (above) and then not tell some award-winning story to tell about it that weaves in the themes of both the gourds and my crazy socks. Right?

I know. I'm overthinking this. But I've been sitting here for 2 days unable to weave a Pulitzer-winning blog post about my really quite mundane life. Here's what it would probably involve, if it's based off of the last few days:

  • Not sleeping enough/being a hot mess every day 
  • Accidentally buying music with my work credit card (UGH thanks Amazon!) 
  • Missing a step while taking out the trash and really aggravating my still-injured hip tonight
  • Wishing everybody would just get off my lawn
  • Finishing Stargate: Universe and not even crying 
  • Shooting long-distance daggers at my mom/friends in OR because it's going to snow and I'm going to miss it again
  • The thrilling tale of how I folded all of Gabe's t-shirts last night 
  • Hours spent watching online puppy cams
  • One minute: so happy about holidays Next minute: holiday denier 
  • That time I read the entire Taylor Swift Wikipedia page & became a trivia expert 
  • Various Gemini Problems
I mean ... you know? 

Anyway, stay tuned, because there are real posts about music and movies and books coming. 


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