Snapshots from a happy life

Wow, I had no idea I'd taken so many photos lately, but this post is going to be a busy one. I've spent a lot of this week feeling a bit down because of a painful running injury, but I have a lot to feel happy about and looking at these photos reminds me of exactly how full my life is -- running or no running.

Here are some glimpses into the last week or so in my world:

Last week I ran through the farmers market:

Stuff seen on my walks around my office/runs outside in Berkeley:

On one of last week's runs, I found a new place, and heard the wonderful lapping of waves:

Then, more San Francisco adventures:

And one more piece of fall, from Berkeley, yesterday:


  1. I love that you take photos on your runs of interesting things. Sorry about your injury. It can be so frustrating when you really want to get out and can't.


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