Make a wish

(Make a wish)

It's Friday and that is a glorious thing. This week has been long and I'm very tired.

But I'm not complaining -- not at all.

I read this on another blog this morning: "I'm going to choose gratitude and refuse envy." I am a person who can easily slip into comparison and envy, even though I realize on an intellectual level that everyone else out there is fighting equally hard. Sometimes it's really hard to realize just how good I have it, or see the bigger picture, because everything seems personal, and everyone out there is putting a really positive view of themselves out there on the internet. We all do it, and I think there are good psychological reasons for doing it, too (self-fulfilling prophecies are real, for instance). But at the same time, the green monster is lurking in the shadows.

I'm so grateful for all of the love and goodness in my life. There is so much of it.


Oops! I wrote all of that stream of consciousness stuff hours ago and then forgot I was writing a post (to say work stuff intervened is, lets say, accurate). I think that means it's time for me to sign off and get my head in gear to finish work, go do my second job tonight (photography, of course) and engage with another wonderful two days off. If you're reading this -- have a great weekend!


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