Five on Friday


1. Meghan told me last week that one of my superpowers is "finding Fall."  I loved hearing this. I guess it's kind of true. All those years of photographing the changing seasons has taught me to really look for the details in the world around us. Also, I'm outside a lot. Also, I really love fall.

2. This morning I shot a really neat event for San Francisco's creative community. The talk was about transitioning from one job to the next, from one career move to the next. It made me think all sorts of things, but mostly that I'm laughably overdue for a career move, and most of all ... the only thing I want to do, and the only thing that makes sense, is photography. Feeling that so clearly in my heart makes me both happy and sad; happy because it's what I love, and sad because it seems so unlikely that I'll be able to actually make my dreams come true. I wish I could explain why. It's not just fear, but fear is a big part of it. Forging a path of business on your own is hard, and I'm kind of clueless about the hard parts, and I don't feel like I can possibly figure it out alone. But anyway, that was just one part of this morning's reflections. I had such a wonderful time at this gig. Shooting events is really fun for me, and I'm good at it. People can count on me. I really like that.

3. I'm shooting Treasure Island Music Festival again this weekend, for the 4th year in a row. I wish I'd shot a lot more music this year, and more festivals, but this is it, and I'm going to enjoy it. Plus, Gabe and I will be going together. This will be the first time I've attended the festival with someone since 2012. I love being alone, but I love being with someone I love, too. <3  This is my favorite festival and I'm happy to actually get out there on the island and soak it all in and have day beers and cupcakes and food trucks and most of all music. 

4. This morning I wore boots for the first time in ages. I'm trying to force fall upon myself even though it's 70 degrees out. It was cold this morning, and the days are getting so much shorter. I can't believe we turn the clocks back in just a couple of weeks. I have a love/hate relationship with the changing of the seasons, so I look forward and dread all of these transitions with equal fervor. Mostly, I just don't want seasonal depression to knock me on my ass, and this year I think I'm at greater risk for it. Last year was actually a pretty good year for me, as far as seasonal depression goes, though, so maybe I can use the lessons learned last year to help me this time.

the view from the afternoon
5. Yesterday I took a walk around my neighborhood and read a book in the fading sunshine and listened to someone tell a bunch of land use developers about really cool projects. Hayes Valley is really the neatest neighborhood, and I'm so happy to be here. I also loved walking around hearing the Giants game on every single sound system and TV (even inside a salon where a lone stylist was closing up shop, sweeping up hair and listening to the radio).

Today I took multiple bike trips to other parts of the city, and they just don't compare to coming back to Hayes. I love the feeling of community and the coziness that comes with existing in this little neighborhood. I know some people think it's all ritzy but I still disagree. It's quite nice, but not overly so. My day job, which is on Berkeley's 4th Street, is extremely similar (but has, I'd argue, more higher end stores), and there are several establishments on 4th Street that also have a location in Hayes Valley. What are the chances? Either way ... I'm about to go on another walk, just to get some of that lovely time in before sunset.

Happy weekend


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