Snapshots from a happy life

This week has been really exciting for me because after 2+ years with my Samsung Galaxy S3, 14 months of which were spent with an incredibly shattered screen, I finally got an upgrade. I upgraded to the iPhone 6+ and yes it's huge and wow the camera is really fun to play with. I feel really inspired to take photos with this phone camera, in a way I haven't in at least a year. Tech upgrades, yes. 

This post is about half/half with my old phone, but the first four are taken with the iPhone 6. I can notice a big difference and I am really excited to see what it's capable of. I had no idea how outdated my S3's camera functionality was by comparison.

ANYWAY I will stop babbling about that now. Here's a truly random assortment of things that I've done or seen or experienced in the last week or so:

A rose on Rose Street in NW Berkeley (on a really hot run yesterday). Love this, even though usually I'm "meh" about roses.
Morning from the roof at work // first full day of fall
Gill Tract Community Garden, Albany, CA 
Seen on a run in Albany (north of Berkeley) this afternoon. Summer isn't over yet here. 
I love these flowers so much. 
Gold dancing man still has to wait for Muni on a Sunday morning.  
Don't feed the parrots (SF Problems) 
I finally made a 100+ page book of all of my 2013 M'era Luna photos. It is absolutely beautiful. <3
Abandoned building across the street from my office. 
Gabe and I spent an amazing night laughing so hard our faces hurt at The Warfield. 
I attended Creative Mornings San Francisco at Pinterest's offices. The theme this month? Color. Perfect! 
Heavy with pollen. 
Maple leaves always turn first. 
"Dustup at Mallard Beach" -- some kind of altercation was going on here, everyone was upset, so much quacking! 
Morning from the roof of my office in NW Berkeley, looking east (last week)
My favorite place to take photos at Aquatic Park in Berkeley <3 
Last weekend: no clouds over City Hall
It's Decorative Gourd Season, and yeah, I bought a bag of them already.  
I still SMH every time I run by this sign, even though I've been seeing signs like it since I first came to Berkeley in 2001. 
The Berkeley Pier, one of my favorite new discoveries/running destinations. All you can hear is the sound of the bay's waves.


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