Four Days in Omaha

Earlier this month, Gabe and I took a four day trip to Omaha, Nebraska, otherwise known as the place he lived before he lived in San Francisco, and the place he considers "home."  I was extremely eager to get the heck out of town after a cancelled European vacation and a very stressful, worry-filled August, but beyond that, I was just really excited to go to Omaha for a lot of reasons. I love seeing new places. I love travel pretty much no matter what the circumstances. I also really wanted to see a place that Gabe loved so much, and meet new people/be inspired. Part of the trip also involved attending BarCamp Omaha, so, you know, enter inspiration.

Plus ... I have roots in Nebraska, and I've always wanted to go there. Plus, I knew this would be a great time. Plus, I just really wanted some time to hang out with Gabe, and not be at work. And all of those things were exactly what I got. It was a really great trip, and I am so glad it happened.

Here are some of the many, many snapshots I snapped on the trip:


Layover in Phoenix. Such beautiful sky. 
Speaking of beautiful sky: OMAHA SUNSETS. OH MY GOODNESS. SO GOOD. 
Gabe hooked up his phone to the rental car as soon as we got in. We were blasting our favorite tunes in no time at all!


The view from the front porch, out to the rental car across the street
Caffeine Dreams, a coffee shop with a lot of vegan pastries <3
Beginning of another gorgeous sunset
Sunset hitting downtown Omaha's buildings. So beautiful. 
Seriously loving everything about the sunsets on the prairie. 
pre-conference party: light show 
photo booth backdrop


The first talk I attended at BarCamp Omaha was about walkability. I LOVED THIS. 
Kind of obsessed with this guy's pickle hat 
Gorgeous Omaha architecture. So much brick. I loved it so much..
BarCamp's venue, which is also an art gallery 
Learning about curling.
I got extremely excited when New Urbanism came up during a talk. 
Yes, it's another sunset and I got so totally spoiled by these. 
I don't know this girl, but she was playing Giant Jenga in the backyard of a bar and I really had to take a photo. 
Benson. AKA where the cool kids hang out. Or something. 


The Missouri River!
Walked across a bridge to Iowa! This was so super cool. 
Also exciting: finding Omaha's bike share program, even if I didn't get to utilize it on this trip. 
Layover in beautiful Phoenix on the way home. 


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