Wow, it's been a really long time since I've done one of these posts.

Watching — I've watched a lot of new-to-me shows (and one new show!) this summer. So happy all the fall shows are coming back now, though (thank goodness for new episodes of American Dad, am I right?). In terms of new shows, this summer we've watched all of The Strain and BoJack Horseman (both really excellent shows, if you're interested). In terms of other shows, this summer I watched all of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (again!) and all of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Last night we just started watching Star Gate: Universe, so that's exciting. Somehow I've managed not to watch any Stargate TV shows in my entire life, but I've finally decided to take the plunge.

Learning — Gosh, this is actually stumping me. What am I learning? Yikes! It's not good not to be learning anything. I guess lately I've been trying to learn more about myself. And I guess if I'm being honest, I do know myself. It's learning to listen to myself, and trust myself, and be confident in myself, that I've needed lessons in. I'm trying to be more in tune with what matters to me, rather than living life for somebody else's benefit. I'm a people pleaser, believe it or not (ugh!) and I'm really trying to teach myself new habits. It's a process.

Considering — So many things. Life is so full of possibility. This morning I'm daydreaming about spending a weekend in Santa Cruz. Every so often I wake up with this idea in my head that going to Santa Cruz would be a great idea. I haven't been there in so long, I have dreams of going to the Saturn Cafe and Tea House Spa, places I haven't been to in over a decade. Kind of a random desire, but it's popped up in my head every so often for the last few months.

Needing — To go out and have a good run today. I was feeling full of energy this morning, but I just ate breakfast and now I just want to snooze! It also rained in the bay area last night/this morning, and I can see the sun peeking through the clouds now, which only makes me want to get out there more. Imagine how amazing it smells out there after all that rain, our first in a long while.

Changing — When I think of this word, all I can think of is that fall started this week. I'm actually really happy about the mental reset this new season provides. Even though I love summer, and summer is always my favorite season, I also really love fall. Plus, this year I found myself looking forward to summer's end more than usual, so I'm embracing fall with renewed vigor (but no pumpkin spice anything, don't lump me in with all the other white girls in yoga pants please).


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