Throwback Thursday 003 // Berlin

I just realized I never posted most of the phone photos I took on my Germany trip last summer. I took a lot of Instagram/phone photos while I was there, but was unable to post them during the trip because I had no phone service. My guess is that I just pushed the photos to the back of my mind and forced myself to forget about them after my return to SF.

But now, this year's trip is nearly upon me, and while searching for something else this morning, I came upon all these photos I'd uploaded privately to Flickr. A treasure trove of things I never shared!

So here they are, a random assortment of photos from Berlin:

Warschauer Straße, Berlin, outside of Veganz with some bikes.
I think this was in Kreuzberg, Berlin. 
A typical summer sunset in Berlin, over Warschauer Straße
Selfie in front of Veganz (I swear, I only went there once! Or twice...)
I am including this one because Gabe will laugh at me 
Table art, somewhere I drank beer at (see lower left corner)
This was the best vegan pho EVER  and I can't remember where I was but I must find it again
More random Berlin art. I remember walking past this many times before stopping to take a photo.
bikes, bikes everywhere in Berlin
I have no idea what this is anymore, but it was at Bastard Berlin,which I am staying a couple of blocks from this year.
The view from a nap. 
The view after taking refuge from a thunderstorm in a cafe. 
No idea where I ate this, but it sure looks good, right? 
Favorite bar in Berlin. A hole in the wall dive that pre-dates the fall of the Berlin Wall. 
A creepier part of the aforementioned bar's decor. 

Since I waited so long to post these, I can't remember everything about them -- oops. But I really loved finding and going over these today. ♥  I can feel the sticky humidity, the midday rain on my skin. This year's trip will be different in so many ways (this year I have a person back in the US whom I will miss very much...) but I'm eager to feel all the emotions I'll feel, being alone in a foreign country. No expectations, of course (expectations are bad!) but I am so excited about the idea of growing as a person.


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