Marathon Week

snapped on one of my many runs this year
It's hard to believe I've been training for my second half marathon since March, and now it's almost here. I'm really glad it's my second rodeo, because it's so much easier the second time around -- at least, mentally. There are so many things I've done better this time. More "right."  And I feel so much more prepared. Of course the usual "what ifs" are creeping in, but this time at least I know: I've done this before.

And I will do it better this time.

My fitness goals have gone hand in hand with this training. I've kept on a regular schedule, and in the last month I've really stepped it up in terms of running regularly, running smart, and trying to eat better. I have muscles I don't even know what to do with right now, seriously! I can't wait to report back on this experience, and reflect on my experience as an SF Marathon ambassador this year.

But this week, I'm just going to keep my eyes on the prize, and keep doing what I've been doing. It's going to be a quiet week for me, because my schedule needs to stay pretty tame, but I'm so excited about what's coming up on Sunday morning. And of course, duh, the amount of pasta I'm going to be eating on Saturday evening, and all the brunch on Sunday after the race.

It's not that this is a half marathon, it's more that it's the SF Marathon, and it's a special race to me. That, and it truly has taken up a ridiculously large amount of my time this spring and summer. I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself after it's over. Maybe stay up past midnight!


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