Snapshots from a happy life

I had a great weekend, but it was exhausting. From yoga, to seeing my first drum corps show, to getting back to SF and eating dinner at one in the morning, to waking up on Sunday and running 7 miles, to shooting a show last night ... it was action packed, and I am so tired. I know I have a free night tonight to relax and go to sleep early, but part of me just keeps screaming more! more! more! and wants to go do yoga after work and all these other amazing things. I have to remind myself to slow down occasionally.

That's irony, right? Do yoga to slow down, fail to slow down because I'm doing yoga? 

Oh, Monday. You are a beast. But anyway, here's a look at some of the last week's best moments: 

the day after my birthday, on bart 
pre-birthday travel reading + wine
World Cup watchin' from my bed
My guiltiest pleasure. 
Pigeon mask, found in Palo Alto last Saturday
Oh, bike time <3 
Friday night dinner at the food truck park
I absolutely agree. 
I went to FontShop for a party last week and met Hector. 
Berkeley, as seen from a run
self-explanatory, I think
The party I went to was part of SF design week. 
the ferry building, as seen from pier 14 on my run this weekend


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