Throwback Thursday 002

Shot April 14th, 2009 // Canon 5D //  Nikkor 28mm f 2.8

I almost posted this last week, when it would have been more relevant, but whatever. Remember the time I wanted to "make fun of hipsters" so I did my only DIY project pretty much ever and made a giant sparkly mustache and glued it to a ruler and walked around Coachella with it for 4 days?

Looking back on it now, I was actually engaging in hipster behavior, not making fun of hipsters.


Oh well. I guess it's been 5 years since then (how is that even possible?!), and time brings wisdom.

This is still the coolest DIY project I've ever done.
I am not a crafty person. And since then I've kept a large amount of glitter glue around.
You know, "for emergencies."
The back of this mustache now contains the autographs of We Are Scientists, too.


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