Throwback Thursday 001

Shot March 22nd, 2008 // Canon Rebel XT 

I've decided to move my Throwback Thursday posts over to the blog. It will encourage blog traffic and help me from feeling quite so self-indulgent when I post old self-portraits on Facebook. It's funny, what's happened with "selfie culture" in the last few years (since the rise of the smartphone).

Back in 2008, I was a budding young photographer, still learning, still figuring out what I was doing and what I wanted to be. One of the two "365/Picture a day" projects I embarked on that year was all self-portraits. And it wasn't viewed in the silly, self-indulgent way that "selfies" are viewed now. Not really. Now, when I post something from those days, or any photo of myself online, I feel extremely self-conscious. I feel like people are going to judge me negatively for it all because of the narcissistic saturation of the current generation and the ease of instantly-posted photos.

Anyway, so this was just me trying to figure myself out. I talked about how this photo, which I took in my office, was reflective of my dual Gemini nature. Oh, I'm so deep. Not. I do like it a lot though, even to this day, which is not exactly what I can say about much of my early work.


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