Then again, maybe I won't

caution; mood swings ahead

Not really having the best week so far. I keep looking at the image above, which I took in Golden Gate Park on Easter Sunday, and try to let it calm me back to my happy place. It's not working. I feel like the grumpiest of Grumpy Cats. I feel useless, worthless, and back to square one. Trying to make my life better isn't an easy process, and I know that, and I accept that -- but I don't handle rejection or setbacks very well, even though I try to pretend like I do.

I'm also really bad at pretending.

I don't want to wallow. I hate wallowing. Time to pull myself up by my bootstraps, right? We all have days/weeks/months/years like that, don't we? This, too, shall pass?

Ugh. Gag me! Get over it, girl! 

I am seriously at the end of my rope, and it's only Tuesday. Send help? Send vegan cookies?


OK, OK. I'm trying to get it together. What do you do when you're starting to lose it? What reliable mood enhancers do you try? I mean, other than alcohol. Which will definitely be happening later.

I'm actually feeling a little better now after I started listening to music. I've really been digging this song by the German band Solitary Experiments lately, so hearing it just cheered me up. Even though it's a bit of a downer of a song, it still makes me feel better. I love it when that happens.

Angrysad music: the great cleanser!


I told myself that I would try doing the kind of blogging I used to do. I've been up in my head again about how every post has to have a theme and a purpose, instead of my just leaving a text box open and typing in it throughout the day. Well, it's been only two days since I opened this text box, which is way better than the average of 7 days it takes me to write a more specific post, so I think this was a good idea.

Here's to several beers and a bunch of bootstraps.


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