Snapshots from a happy life

 It's only Wednesday, but I am so ready for this upcoming holiday weekend. I'll be out of town on Friday night and all of Saturday shooting a wedding in the Sierra foothills, returning to SF in the wee hours of Sunday morning, and thank goodness I don't have work on Monday. After my first wedding of the season, I'm going to be sore and exhausted, not to mention that brutal commute. But it's worth it -- the happy couple are longtime friends of mine, and I'm so honored to be there for their wedding.

Other random things: X-Men comes out this weekend (seeing it Sunday!), I rolled my ankle on Monday while running so I have to take things a bit slow for the rest of the week, I'm going to a goth happy hour tonight called The Unhappy Hour (isn't that amazing?) and this last week has been truly wonderful. I am a really lucky person to get to live all this life and I never want to stop sinking my teeth into it.

Here are some of my favorite images off of my phone in the last couple of weeks:
Anyone know what this flower is? I found it on a walk in Berkeley.
Cedar Rose Park /  Berkeley
Iris <3
The "map room" at the Exploratorium. As you can imagine I LOVE THIS ROOM. 
I found my favorite handmade button.
Yerba Buena Gardens / SF
Clouds in Hayes Valley (yesterday)
Stelline (my favorite local Italian restaurant)
A week ago. I have such a crush. Ahhhhh. <3
Star Trek 


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