A Weekend

cherry blossoms in Japantown

Isn't it funny how getting back into the blogging groove can be so hard after an extensive break or extensive life changes? I've thought to myself "I have nothing to write about today" -- but thinking back, that never used to stop me. Why am I letting it now? Absolutely I'm up in my head about nothing again. I love to overthink everything, haven't we established that? Anyway, I'm going to try to stop that.

So. This weekend.

I had one of those jam packed weekends. You know the ones. And because I'm choosing to focus on the positive, and have this place be a place of positivity, I'm not going to talk at length about when I had one of those weird 11-years-later breakdowns about my dad on Saturday afternoon, or when I cried on Sunday afternoon, or any other time I was sad/upset/uncertain about life this weekend. Because though those times were absolutely present -- they aren't what make me, me.

Those things don't define me. I won't let them.

So anyway, on to the happy things.
  • The weather finally started to cooperate this weekend after a week of (relative) cold and rain. And now it's ridiculously nice outside. I got to go on a really nice bike ride to the grocery store in the sunshine yesterday (thank you spring!), there are flowers everywhere, people are smiling.

  • I attended two really excellent concerts, which left me exhausted but happy. Saturday night was one of my favorite bands in the universe, VNV Nation. You may recall that one of their songs was my #1 song of the year in 2013. To say I love them, and have waited years to see them live, is an understatement. There are not words to adequately describe how much this show meant to me, and how great it was, and how many tears I shed out of pure joy. How often do you cry from joy? That's the only context in which I cried that night, and it was beautiful. Life was so beautiful. 

  • My 5 1/2 mile run on Sunday (I'm now in the thick of training for Bay to Breakers and the SF Marathon) was amazing. Just a really great run. One of those runs that could have easily gone on for much longer, except that I was meeting G for breakfast/brunch/lunch at our favorite diner, and I didn't want to put off the veggie burger & fries gorge-fest any longer than I had to!
  • So much good food. This all started when my dear friend April came to visit from Portland, and we got to enjoy some Japanese lunch together while catching up. I'd been craving sushi and seaweed salad just the day before, so it was perfect (we went to Takara). Then I got to come back to Hayes Valley and eat more delicious food at DragonEats, my favorite local restaurant. Other highlights of the weekend (other than the aforementioned diner -- which is SO good) included my first visit to Chez Maman, and a memorable trip to Don Ramon's (I do love me a cantina). 

This week has been challenging so far. I'm getting sick again. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I am trying my very, very best to remain positive. With 75-80 degree days so far each day this week, it's tough to be sad or frustrated when out in the sunshine. Speaking of which -- time for my afternoon break. I'll be back with at least one recipe post this week (my specialty fried rice, which I've just started making again!).


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