Eating Well: Springtime Brunch

Last weekend, on a sunny Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed fairly early, went to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, loaded up on spring veggies, and headed to the loft to make a proper spring brunch. And it.was.amazing. How could it not be? There's nothing like the first veggies of spring. I am so excited to eat all the things as we ramp up into full summer produce madness, but for now, I am content enjoying the all too-fleeting tastes of spring. It's true, what they say: it goes so fast.

Basically, this is a brunch in two parts. Part one: broiled asparagus. This is so easy. If I was able to do it and not set off the smoke alarm (easy to do when broiling), then you can do it, too.

Broiled Asparagus

1 bunch asparagus (local, organic -- ideally. What's the point of eating asparagus that isn't in season?)
Olive oil

Move oven rack to the uppermost position and set the broiler on low.
Coat asparagus in olive oil (get yer hands oily!).
Set on a oven safe baking sheet or broil pan covered in foil.
Salt & pepper liberally.
Broil and turn the baking sheet/broil pan every 3 minutes or so until asparagus is beginning to brown.
Don't be like me and let it burn on accident! 

Part two --

Potato Hash w/ spring vegetables

1 pound potatoes (I used large fingerling potatoes)
1 bunch green garlic, diced
2-3 spring onion bulbs, diced (save green parts)
2-3 small carrots, diced
1 bunch pea shoots, chopped
Spring onion tops, diced
Olive Oil

Heat up your pan (medium heat)
Add olive oil.
Add potatoes.
When the potatoes are halfway done (make sure you're stirring occasionally), add carrots & onions.
When the onions & carrots have softened, add green garlic, pea shoots, salt & pepper (to taste).
Right before the potatoes are crispy and done, add the spring onion tops.

...and, of course, anything else that you'd like!


  1. So, I know that it would no longer be vegan, but I see all those fabulous veggies and potatoes and I think an egg with runny yolk would make it that much more heavenly.

    Cheese and eggs. They are why I fail at vegan.

  2. I can't really stand eggs -- but I hear you on the cheese. OH DO I!


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