Oregon | Day 1

I've actually been back from my awesome, amazing Oregon trip since Monday, but I've had a crazy week of work and stress on the home front, so I decided to continue my blogging break until today. I had a wonderful time on my mini-vacation last week. I hadn't been home since Thanksgiving 2011 and there are very few things I enjoy more in this world than spending time at my mom's house in Beaverton, seeing old friends and reconnecting with the place I grew up (and would love to return to someday).

My flight was uneventful enough. Seeing my homeland out the window of the plane is always one of my favorite things (you are going to hear "my favorite things" a lot in these posts, just warning you). I got on the MAX and headed toward downtown. My destination was not Beaverton -- not yet.


First, I headed to the up-and-coming industrial-turned-hipster district of East Portland, where I attended an amazing yoga class at Yoga Bhoga. I met all manner of interesting people and thoroughly enjoyed myself in the class. It's fascinating to practice yoga in different places; in many ways all studios are the same, but each has its own flavor. There is also a regional flavor, as I've now found out.


I ate lunch after class at Boke Bowl, a ramen shop in the same building as the yoga studio (loved that!) and made my way toward my mom. We had a joyous reunion, decided to go straight to her house, and proceeded to enjoy the heck out of our first night together in two years. Oh yeah, and this guy:


Spencer is my buddy. Of my mom's 4 cats (yes, that IS where I get it from) he is the only one who likes me. And boy does he ever! This was right after we got to the house, and he began to totally freak out because I was there. It was so good to be home. Our night included Thai food, a hot summer night, lots of local wine, local news & an episode of Criminal Minds. I know I said this, but -- so good to be home.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from my Wet Hot Oregon Summer.


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