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It has been a few days since I've posted. This really wasn't intentional -- see, last week was crazy. We had a transit strike here in SF and I was literally unable to get to work all week. It's the beginning of the month, so I couldn't take time off, I had to work from home. Scott is currently at home 24/7 as he struggles to find a job. We ended up being together 24/7 all week long, unexpectedly, and I still feel terrible about it. Poor Scott. We are both far less productive when the other is in the house, and last week was just not a good week for something like a BART strike to happen. Also, it's incredible how much BART being on strike crippled not just my ability to get around, but so many others as well. Go across the bay? Forget it. Though since I've heard they have a full bar on the Oakland-SF ferry, I'm a bit tempted to try it ... :)

Scott is at his mom's house now until tomorrow night (he left yesterday). On Wednesday morning, I leave (alone) for a trip home to Oregon ... which I am ridiculously, ridiculously excited about (I haven't been back since November 2011). I plan on doing yoga, running, eating doughnuts & seeing my family & friends before spending the weekend (Friday-Sunday) in Belknap Springs, shooting the wedding of one of my friends from middle school. As you might have guessed, it takes place at a hot springs. I've never been to a hot springs, so this is doubly, triply exciting for me. Plus, nothing beats a Pacific Northwest summer.


I return next Monday, and go back to real life -- but this week, it's going to be great. I hardly even care about the severity of our financial situation, or about how I shattered my phone screen last weekend ... those things are not going to touch me right now. Plus, my phone still works!

I admittedly am nervous about flying after a plane crashed at SFO this weekend. I'm flying out of Oakland but that is hardly the point. I have this really weird "thing" where I'm absolutely convinced  I'm going to watch a plane crash someday (it's the subject of my only recurring dream, since childhood). I used to have a severe phobia of flying but I consider myself over it these days; except ... how could I not be impacted by this, a jet crashing at my local airport?!?! To me this has hit (literally) too close to home. I am in shock about it. When you fly into SFO there is always a thrilling/scary moment where you think you're going so low, so slow that you're going to land in the water. Well, let me tell you, I am never going to think about that landing the same way ever again, and that's really too bad. My heart goes out to every person impacted by the crash.

Anyway, watching the local and national news has become mostly awful beyond words, seeing  them talking about a plane crash at my local airport, and yet I can't stop watching. I have a journalist's blood, a lifelong affliction, and it's true what they say: I can't ever miss out on a disaster. Adrenaline? Check.

I hope my flights coming up are non-events. I hope all is well. Yuck. Trying not to work myself up about these flights (especially because I'm going to be traveling alone!) but I'm starting to overthink, so I think it's time to change the subject.

The photo above is me having discovered Snapseed for Android! Welcome to overprocessing land.


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