You can blame it on me!

...the rain, that is.

We usually don't get any rain in the bay area after May or so. It's possible in early June but not common, and by now we're usually into our lovely dry season, which lasts until October. However -- yesterday through Tuesday we're experiencing some rare late-late-season rain, and I must admit: it's all my fault.

Not really. But last week I opened a birthday present from my mother-in-law, and that present was a new pair of wellies (which I desperately needed after mine broke last winter). I remember looking at Scott and saying "Now I wish it would rain, so I could wear these --but it never rains here anymore and it's too late in the year." Thanks, Mother Nature! You rock! You gave me exactly what I wanted. Sorry, everyone else.

The new wellies are awesome:


So. I'm sorry about the rain, San Francisco, I really am. But it's just water! And at least MY feet are dry.


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