Today, I am happy

First of all...I just have to say massive congratulations to Drea, who eloped today and is off on her Mexican honeymoon right now. So excited and happy for her and Alex and Marlowe.

Just in case you were waiting by your computer to see how I solved my yoga crisis (ie ... wanting to do yoga), I solved my angst about not doing yoga by booking a yoga class. It's at 4:30. I can't wait.

Today I:
-----> Registered for four outdoor yoga classes for free (!)
-----> Booked plane tickets to go home to Oregon in July, to shoot a wedding & see family/friends
-----> Ate marinated tofu for breakfast
-----> Got a number of awful songs stuck in my head ("No Scrubs" and "La Vida Loca")
-----> Scheduled a haircut! with a new stylist in a real salon for next Wednesday afternoon
-----> This will be my first haircut since 2011, if you were wondering
-----> Will be having white bean & garlic soup w/ a side of sauteed chard for dinner
-----> Am happy.

Aaaaaaaand here is a picture of Mogli. You're welcome!


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