Happy Solstice!

I've posted a zillion times about how summer is my favorite season. And now ... it's summer! Happy solistice and happy Friday to everyone. I was talking with my Swedish friend this morning about midsummer celebrations up in those parts (a maypole is involved!) and it made me long for a culture of my own. But I guess I'll have to do with typical San Francisco summer shenanigans: Dolores Park weekends, long rides on the scooter without feeling freezing, outdoor dining, running in the sunshine. Of course, that assumes that the weather doesn't turn to gloom, as it often does, but given my location on the sunny side of SF, I know we'll always have more sunny days than gloomy ones.


That's a photo of Berkeley today -- a sunny day in the 70s, perfect for the first day of summer.

This weekend will be busy: I'm planning on doing multiple yoga classes (time permitting) (at my gym), and tomorrow we've rented a van in order to move our stuff to a new storage unit -- ours lost its lease. Yep, that one is a major bummer, but since the new space is 1/2 as large, it's a great opportunity to get rid of stuff. And I have a well documented love of getting rid of stuff, so on that level it's quite exciting! We'll see how I'm feeling after an afternoon with our ZipVan, though (isn't it cool ZipVan exists?!).

It has been a long week. It feels like my birthday wasn't possibly only five days ago, but it was. Sheesh! And now I am going to escape into a night of bahn mi, wine & Family Guy reruns.


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