Pride at Whole Foods
WatchingWimbledon. It's always tennis season somewhere, right? This tournament has been filled with surprises so far! Currently I am losing it a little because my favorite, David Ferrer, is playing a close second round match and I can't get ESPN streaming to work. This is just the latest in a string of mornings this week where the live stream just hasn't worked. Come on, ESPN! (Update: he won in 4 sets. Yes!)

Reading — Still plugging away at Michael Pollan's Cooked. I'm onto the third section of the book now, which is about bread; this is a subject that interests me because the only bread we eat in our house is the sourdough Scott makes. We gave up commercial breads years ago, partially because they are so expensive, but also because almost every commercial bread is fortified with iron, and iron is not very good for boys/men -- in fact having too much iron can really screw you up and cause serious health problems. The way in which most processed, commercial foods are fortified with vitamins these days really worries me.

Eating — Well, nothing at this exact moment, but later I hope to be eating this Cold Thai Noodle Salad from Mandy at Harper's Happenings. I happen to have gotten some amazing, fresh tomatoes & cucumbers yesterday in my CSA box, and we're having a heat wave in the bay area right now, so a cold dinner that utilizes some of these fresh summer ingredients sounds delicious. Plus, I'm really trying to cook cheaply but well, and in ways that result in leftovers -- which this recipe should provide.

Drinking — Iced coffee with almond milk. Of course.

Learning — What it means to be a better person. Or a good person. How to balance my life. How to spend less money. Yoga postures. I probably should be learning German. Or Czech. Or how to really seriously be an adult ... like learning how to drive. But I'm not learning any of those things -- not yet!

Thank goodness it's Friday. This weekend will be a whirlwind of SF Pride festivities, hard work at home, working out & photo shoots in the hot sunshine. I can't believe it's going to be July on Monday.



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