• I decided that my hair is its own semi-sentient being now. It's enormous. It will soon have its own zip code & has thought about getting a Twitter account.

  • I spent wasted an hour today yesterday trying to figure out the difference between a brothel and a bordello. From what I can tell, they are actually the same thing, but brothel comes from a German root word via English, and bordello has a French root.word. I do have this to say after going around in circles, though: dictionaries, by their very definition, should not be confusing. Shame on you, dictionary. And no, not the urban dictionary - a real one.

  • A couple of weeks ago the bitchy manager at my local Walgreens told me there are "more than 30" Amber Gregorys in their database, so it's no surprise someone else's phone number got attache to my rewards card. I wanted to punch him in the mouth, but also WTF. How are there that many people with my exact name? I have major issues with having a common name (would never give my children common names ever), and thought I at least wasn't that common. That this is still bothering me two weeks later gives you an idea of the magnitude of my feelings. You see now why I'm so angry that my very favorite girls name (Olive, which runs in my family) has been co-opted by celebrities, right?

  • I am obsessed with temporary tattoos. I want them all the time forever and it only took me 30 years to get to this point (random!). If that isn't random, I'm not sure what is! By the way, here's a plug for the place I'm getting all these from: Tattly. Temporary tattoos designed by designers!
I'm not naked. I promise. Really. RAINBOWS!

Tonight is the last night of ceramics class. I'm wearing sparkly nail polish 2.0 and it has already chipped. I am getting vegan bhan mi for lunch. I am planning out a crazy fun weekend and I am so ready for the work week to be over. Running, yoga, brunch, photos, hiking, gay bars & cooking are just a few of the things I have planned for this fancy solo weekend (Scott will be celebrating mothers day with his mom). Come on, weekend, with your temps in the 70s, let's do this already.


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