I guess it's time I edit the "cats" page...

...because Scott is bringing home a cat from his mom's house today! Completely unexpected, very random, yet this is how cat adoptions tend to work in his family so I'm not sure why I'm surprised.

His name is Cinders, and he's been living in my mother-in-law's neighborhood for a couple of years, give or take. He is gorgeous and a skilled hunter (he's particularly into killing rabbits, and he even brought Scott a rat at 1am the other night). I'm afraid his rabbit & rat-killing days are over, though, because he's been given a clean bill of health from the vet, been vaccinated and de-wormed/de-flead (he was already neutered!), and he'll be coming home to live with us tonight.

So, as much as I've enjoyed the chaos-free lifestyle that comes with having two cats, and as much as I've been resisting editing the "cats" page on this blog since Jeffy died ... I am excited. Because my husband has fallen in love with this gorgeous thing, and because (let's face it) ultimately I thrive on chaos. And, if we're going to be really honest, there's been a feeling of something missing in our lives, and that thing is a large cat with enormous paws -- and Cinders certainly will fill that role.

More photos (taken by me) to come soon, but here's a couple from Scott's phone:

This was certainly unexpected. But a three-cat household we will be, again!


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