Eating — leftovers from last night's dinner. I made another batch of the spring breakfast skillet (guess what, it can be eaten for dinner, too!)  and paired it with tempeh, which I marinated in soy sauce/rice vinegar/garlic/peanut oil for 20 minutes & sauteed. I dipped it in bbq sauce, which was pretty good! Today with my leftovers I am sans sauce, but I'm not suffering much. ;)

Loving — yoga, running, being healthy. Which is amusing because I have bronchitis -- but I've been working out all through it, and actually credit a yoga class with helping this illness move along. I can't wait to spend this weekend taking classes & running, along with the other activity we have planned (moving everything into the new fish tank Scott spent the last several months building -- oh boy!).

Missing — Oregon. I think about it a lot these days, especially now that all of my childhood friends are having their own kids. It keeps reminding me of how awesome it was to grow up in a place like Oregon. I really hope to end up there again someday in the future. If I could do it now I would, but it's not all about me and there are many other factors in play re: moving decisions. I'm capable of being happy pretty much anywhere, I think, but my heart is in Oregon.

Moving — well, not yet, but hopefully soon (in a year or something like that). Life is comfortable here. Too comfortable. It's probably years past when we should have shaken things up. As much as I will cry when we leave this place, I also want to move forward with our lives (and have a yard). How this will all happen (or where) has yet to be determined, but it must.

Taking — some time to stay in and sleep/recuperate tonight after having a bit too much fun last night at the Shout Out Louds concert I photographed (love them so much!). I had a great time, but I wasn't really recovered from this dumb bronchitis so I definitely felt worse this morning. I am supposed to go out and shoot another show that is very close to my heart tonight, but I just can't afford to get sicker as my half marathon approaches in just three freakin' weeks!



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