Breakfast Tacos // Spring Breakfast Skillet

Today I want to share a couple of really easy vegan breakfast recipes with you. Breakfast is often a tough meal for me for two reasons: one, most traditional "breakfast foods" aren't vegan in the slightest, and two, I've never been a fan of most traditional breakfast foods due to how sweet they are (I prefer savory). A lot of the time I eat dinner leftovers for breakfast or some other food that most of you would probably consider strictly lunch/dinner fare. I think cereal and fruit are pointless foods that don't interest me for the most part, so don't get me started on that ... and while I do love oatmeal, I burned out on it big time. Plus, neither of those foods are particularly fun to make!

Anyway -- in the last week I've been experimenting with new breakfast/brunch ideas that are easy to make, healthy for body & mind, and easy on the grocery bill. Here were two major successes.

Breakfast tacos are something I made up because I really really love tacos-- and really there are endless variations. But here's what I put in mine (spoiler alert: there is no salsa!) this time:

----> Onion (I used a small spring onion bulb -- finely diced)
----> Carrots (1 should be fine -- finely diced)
----> Garlic (2-4 cloves -- finely diced)
----> Corn (I used frozen), about 1/4 package
----> Black beans (1 can)
----> Cumin, chili powder, salt & pepper
----> Lettuce or other greens
----> Tortillas (I used Mi Rancho "slider" size tortillas)
----> Olive oil (I used California Olive Ranch Miller's Blend)
----> Cholula or another hot sauce

----> Heat the skillet to medium high.
----> Add frozen corn and grill until it starts to turn brown (this is a way of enhancing the flavor that I read somewhere recently ... and it works great!).
----> Add olive oil, onions, carrots and garlic, and turn down heat to medium low. Allow everything to cook down until the vegetables start to caramelize, but make sure to stir to prevent burning the garlic & onions!
----> Now add drained & rinsed black beans, cumin/chili powder/salt/pepper to your liking.
----> Stir until heated through -- if you want to add a tiny bit of water to help the spices mix, then that's totally fine. Also, I had to cover the skillet and leave the room for a few minutes to allow the carrots to soften fully, so if your carrots are a bit more al dente than you'd prefer, that's what I recommend.
----> Meanwhile, spray tortillas with olive oil & fry in another pan on high for about 30 seconds on each side.
----> After tortillas are done, scoop a copious amount of filling onto each tortilla, top with shredded lettuce & your hot sauce of choice. Probably eat with a fork ;)   Delicious!

The recipe that actually got the gears turning for the breakfast tacos was this one for a Spring breakfast skillet, and I can't claim to have made it up myself. Rather, this recipe came from my CSA, Eatwell Farm, and I made it using only ingredients from my harvest share box last week.

----> New potatoes (1lb), chopped, skin on
----> Olive oil
----> Carrots (2-3 small, chopped)
----> Onion (1 spring onion bulb / 1/2 regular onion, chopped)
----> Garlic (I used green garlic, about 4 cloves, chopped)
----> Greens (arugula or basil)
----> Salt (I used Thyme salt, but any salt will do) & pepper
----> Oregano (fresh)

----> Heat skillet to medium & add olive oil.
----> Add potatoes & cook, stirring regularly, until about halfway cooked.
----> Then add carrots, and continue to cook.
----> When the potatoes & carrots are just about done, add greens, salt, pepper & oregano.
----> ENJOY!

See? It's so easy. It's deceptively easy for how much flavor & health you get. You'll want it every morning!

So yes, that's what I've been up to in my kitchen these last few days. I love spring produce.


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