Happy Earth Day!

Artist: Dana Gray // Source:  My Vegan Journal

Last night Scott and I were watching an episode of Charmed on Netflix (which is completely 100% his fault, by the way!) that involved a "lust spell" (yeah, again, this was his idea to watch this show). To me, the best part of the episode came when a shirtless, buff dude came downstairs in the morning from Phoebe's bedroom. He was supposed to be the "ideal man" kind of figure (his name was Hans) and not only was he polite and masculine (viewed as positive traits) -- before he left (still shirtless), he said "Oh wait, I almost forgot," and very deliberately placed his empty milk jug into the kitchen's recycling bin with a sexy smile.

Moral of the story: it is 1998 and recycling is sexy!

Well, guess what? It's 2013 and recycling is still sexy, though it's possible that composting is the new recycling, at least in San Francisco where we're all legally required to compost. So get out there and really think about how you can reduce waste in your life and on the Earth today. Earth Day should really be every day, but given the amount of trash we all generate ... it's not. Use cloth napkins. Participate in Meatless Monday. Walk/bus rather than drive to work. Use less water. Unplug. It may be something small, but that's the best way to start a new habit. Love the Earth, and she'll love you back.

Or you can just get a shirtless person to recycle things in your kitchen. That works too.


  1. i just found your blog! so great!
    we (secretly/not so secretly) love charmed in our house tho the men are usually hideous....
    you're right - recycling is sexy.x

    1. Oh thank you! And yes they, like the outfits, are usually hideous ;)


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