Well, I meant to publish this yesterday, but life got in the way again! Silly life. 

quinoa salad <3
Eating — This amazing quinoa salad with black beans, corn and tomatoes. I discovered it by accident a couple of weeks ago (thanks to a google search while meal planning) and it's turned out to be a great discovery, and is now part of our regular repertoire. It's really flavorful, easy to make & really healthy. Most of all, it is really portable, which means it's great to bring as a work lunch (something we've been struggling with, as soups are really not portable and have caused, ahem, accidents). I really recommend this recipe, especially if you are trying to eat quinoa instead of rice these days, as I am.

Drinking — Lots of water. Wine. Coffee with almond milk. Chai tea. These all happen daily. Right now I'm definitely drinking a lot of coffee because I had a bit to drink last night at my friend Steve's memorial party, and lets just say ... I need caffeine.

Wishing — That Steve could have been at his party last night. It was exactly as I'd hoped it would be and more. Seeing so many who loved him come together to celebrate his life and sing songs he loved was incredible. I am so grateful to have been there and to have been one of only about three photographers present at the event (well, with cameras anyway). It was really, really special, but I kept finding myself thinking "I really wish Steve was here." Well, duh. Bittersweet.

Loving — I feel compelled to talk about coffee again (hah!) but I won't. What I'm loving right now is actually in a more general sense, life! My friend Meghan has been calling this year "the year of never" because she's sworn to do at least four things she said she'd never do. I feel like this year has been developing as my own personal "year of never" even though I hadn't intended it to be that way. To shake myself out of various ruts and unhealthy patterns of thinking, I subconsciously (and now, consciously) have been making choices that are outside of the realm of "what I usually do." The result of all this, no matter how small the decisions have been, is that I've been discovering more joy and happiness in everyday life again. Saying "yes" to something you normally say "no" to, even if it's deciding to walk home from work or go to an event with a friend or finally go back to yoga ... I mean, these things add up. They make a difference.

Dreaming — of my new hobby, which I've decided is going to be coloring fuzzy posters. Yes, you heard correctly. There's a guy who sells newspapers in the Montgomery Street BART station, and he has decorated his little cubicle with tons of these things, which I haven't given any thought to since I was a child. He, while clearly a geek of the "has never had a girlfriend" variety, has inspired me. Those who know me well do know that I believe coloring is for adults as well as children, so this shouldn't really surprise anybody. I mean, there's a whole website just for fuzzy posters, you guys. I can't wait to place an order!



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