Yay! Our PC laptop is fixed (we had to get a new keyboard...again...) so I am having a much easier time blogging now. Thank goodness!

Our awesome weather // as seen from a BART escalator
Entertaining — the thought of actually getting up super early this morning and going running. I know. It sounds really crazy to me, too, but since I'm actually 100% signed up for a half marathon now (June 16th), I need to stick to a regular running schedule. Plus, the weather has been really fantastic this week, and besides that .... I am just one of those crazy people who likes to potentially make things more difficult for myself just because it makes me feel crazy and powerful. Yep.

Holding — a rented Canon 5D mk3 in my hand! Yes, I know everyone knows this already and is probably tired of me talking about it, but this is a once-per-year thing for me, renting a better camera than the one I have, and I plan on enjoying it as much as humanly possible. I'm spending the next two days and evenings photographing the TYPO International Design Conference in San Francisco, for the second year in a row, and I am stoked because it's like going to creative design summer camp, seriously.

a turbo snail on the wall of the fish tank. they are so cool!
Building — Well, Scott has been building a new, larger fish tank for weeks now, does that count? I'm not much of a builder myself, other than building networks and relationships. Scott has made our house into essentially a garage or a plumbing depot. I wish I were kidding but it will all be worth it in the end. We're expanding our fish tank from 35 gallons to 70, and Scott is building all the complex plumbing system himself. There are plumbing parts all over the house, fish tanks everywhere & a work bench in the bathroom. It's kind of crazy but I've been married to this guy for nearly seven years now, so I guess I'm used to it? Again, it's going to be worth it and I'm not actually fazed by what's going on. I just feel a little weird about having guests over while all this is going on (so ... no guests are coming over. Sorry guests!).

Smiling — thinking about this wonderful weather, how lucky I am to have a career that really feels like it's taking off, my family, my sweet cats, new and inspiring friends, and the awesome outfit I'm going to be wearing to the conference today (the theme of this year's conference is "contrast" -- something I am very very good at it when it comes to fashion!). Spoiler alert: it involves stripes and polka dots.

Frowning — Because I actually just sang to Scott "WHO LET THE CATS OUT."  I mean, come on.



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