Harry Potter & the Unintended Break from Blogging

I'm back?

I know that this is my blog, and I have no one to apologize to for my absence. In fact, I really needed this break from blogging. Sometimes life gets to be too much. When it gets to the point when I have nothing to share that is actually shareable on the internetz, then it's time to take a break, you know?

Also: last Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat, which quickly became a vicious bout of bronchitis that had me down and out for five days. That's three full days of work missed, an entire weekend spent in bed, and one week later I am still not recovered. My throat still hurts, what on earth is up with that? I guess my post-Noise Pop sickness really decided to kick me in the nuts this year! Next time I really want to get the message to slow down in a way that doesn't result in so much lost productivity.

Anyway, here I am, and I'm craving sun dried tomatoes & peas, and isn't that just a typical Amber thing to be craving? I'm still a busy bee this week, trying to get well while catching up on my endless, truly endless, to-do list. I can't wait to be at full health and back in the game. Photos, running, running around San Francisco having adventures ... yes, I am chomping at the bit. Especially now that the time has changed, and the only thing this wonderful time change means to me is summer, come on!

Speaking of seasons in the sun, here are some that happened early last week, before I was felled:



So yes, hopefully I am back now. How are you?


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